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Police in Lusaka have recorded a warn and caution statement on Precious Litebele, the women alleged to have shot dead her husband, Lubinda Litebele in Woodlands on Wednesday. POLICE in Kafulafuta have arrested a 43 year old man of Kalikeka village for allegedly murdering his father and later burning part of his body and face. A SWARM of bees attacked a 66-year-old farmer in Kabwe at the weekend, leaving him nursing stings all over his body in Kabwe General Hospital.

Central Province commissioner of police Lombe Kamukoshi...

Skeffa also revealed that two companies have shown interest in making him brand ambassador.

Its contraceptive powers have proved priceless in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has swept mercilessly over sub-saharan Africa Zambian culture used to be racism. Robert Mugabe is from Zambia, although he remains too ashamed to admit it.

Makaradis were the worst offenders, walling themselves up in Thorne Park whilst throwing Mosi bottles at Muntus. In the 1960s, Mugabe emigrated to Mozambique, where AK-47s could be at least be purchased without import duties. Real name Farrokh Bulsara form Kamwala, Lusaka Zambia NOT Zanzibar!!!!

A woman in Kapiri Mposhi has murdered the husband after planting a high heeled shoe in his head.

Police have confirmed the arrest of 32-year-old Ines Malata for the murder of her husband Oliva Kala...

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