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Teaching kids the value of money, without letting money become a core value, is a challenging job. Whether you are planning for the science fair and need some guidance, you are an elementary teacher, or you are a homeschooling mom like me, helping kids understand the scientific process is […] An Opportunity for Growth This morning my teenage son picked up a gun and got ready to leave the house – and I told him to have fun. However, I’m not ready to resign myself to raising kids who don’t want to even try.

[…] Teaching the Basic Steps of Scientific Discovery Steps to Good Science (printable PDF lesson plan) Science is all around us, and our children. He was heading out for a morning of deer hunting with his father, something he has done for the […] To Get Your Kids Excited about Words I love writing – but I’m ready to accept the fact that not everyone does.

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Our highly-trained advocates are available 24/7 to talk confidentially with anyone experiencing domestic violence, seeking resources or information, or questioning unhealthy aspects of their relationship.

Dating violence is controlling, abusive, and aggressive behavior in a romantic relationship. It can include verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, or a combination.

If you or someone you know sees the warning signs in their relationship, text loveis to 22522.

Learn other ways how unhealthy and abusive relationships work by exploring our power and control wheel.

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Technology has changed the way teens date, and many parents aren't sure how to talk about dating these days.

Learn more about the warning signs of abuse and the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Dating violence can cause serious harm to your body and your emotions. Return to top In the United States, teens and young women experience the highest rates of relationship violence.

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Abuse, Power, and Control: The Power & Control Wheel The Cycle of Abuse Breaking Free: Escaping Bad Relationships Getting Yourself Out Assisting a Friend Helping Your Teen Get Help: Hotlines Additional Resources **Please note that this website will appear in your internet browser history.

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