Taylor swift dating guy music video

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They say you should write what you know, and Taylor Swift has always been a confessional songwriter.

The newly single star has built an empire by pouring her heartbreaks into her art — so if you’re new to Taylor fandom (or if you just want to reminisce about some amazing break-up tracks), here’s a comprehensive list of all the songs inspired by Taylor’s menagerie of exes:"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"This song from Fearless also contains another instance of Taylor just full-on name-dropping.

In this case, it’s Stephen Liles who toured with her in the early days as part of the country duo Love and Theft.

You're a nice guy — you're just more introspective and pensive.

But in the pantheon of Taylor Swift music video boyfriends, he’s regretfully forgettable. Tyler Hilton in “Teardrops on My Guitar” He's supposed to be the best friend Taylor has a secret crush on, but he comes across more obtusely douchey than charming. Justin Gaston in “Love Story” He automatically moves up a few spots on our list because IRL Sandy is an ex-NFL player. Reeve Carney in “I Knew You Were Trouble” He’s Taylor’s version of a bad boy -- all tattoos and hipster hats.

Plus, he’s supposed to be a high school student, but looks like he graduated from college, if not already married with a wife and kid and mortgage. In the video, he’s just another shaggy-haired dude who did Taylor dirty. Our problem isn’t that Reeve looks like trouble, it’s that he looks like he'd lecture you about David Foster Wallace and veganism until your soul died.

"Mine" is a song written and performed by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

Some might call you "lame" or "boring," but you know they just don't get it. He's drinking coffee on the school bus, pretending he can read , and even makes little Taylor skip class so he can go speak Parseltongue with some other class's pet snake.He can't even decorate a cookie, for goodness sake. The Private School Hornball From "The Story Of Us" Ugh this guy is such a damp squib I don't know what Taylor even saw in him in the first place aside from the fact that he's probably packing a sizeable trust fund.The song's accompanying music video was directed by Roman White.The video chronicles the romantic relationship between Swift and her love interest played by British actor Toby Hemingway which ends with a marriage.

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