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The story starts around the end of the last ice age, when sea levels were lower and big-game hunters living in eastern Siberia followed their prey across the Bering land bridge and into Alaska.

Sometimes, especially in more cynical series, Bystander Syndrome or The World Is Not Ready are used to explain why the Masquerade persists, even if the heroes don't necessarily it to continue.

Family History Beginners Board Post your beginners genealogy questions on how to search your family history and post your local history questions here!

Also, if you can think of things to help a budding local history or family history beginner, then please post your tips here! Moderator: sarah Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs Get your Photographs restored or dated completely for free by the generous people on Roots Chat.

The capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa, the name means "the victorious city".

It is located on both banks of the River Nile near the head of the river's delta in northern Egypt and has been settled for more than 6000 years, serving as the capital of numerous Egyptian civilizations.

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