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It started off like so many of these online scams with just one person acting.

Now, unfortunately, organised crime has got into it," Mr Harbison said.

But every so often, a new type of hacker comes along. He secretly burrows his way into your hard drive, then into your life. It was a Saturday night, not much happening in her Long Beach, California, neighborhood, so high school senior Melissa Young was home messing around on her computer.

Her little sister, Suzy, was doing the same thing down the hall.

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Women tricked into travelling to Britain to work in the sex trade have been told they are being constantly monitored in a new trend that police say has the power to “industrialise” the nature of human slavery.

Members of a gang operating in London are due to stand trial in a case where women were told they could be monitored by criminal overseers from abroad, according to officials.

Building on the successful approach with the virtual girl Sweetie, Terre des Hommes, supported by international specialists, is developing an advanced method to counter the problem of worldwide webcam child sex.

He advised any victims to go straight to the gardaí.

"If enough people let the gardaí know what's going on, they can put together a pattern and find out who is doing it." A woman whose husband took his own life after he was blackmailed by a sex scammer is concerned that other vulnerable men are falling for the "honeytrap".

What that allows is an industrialisation of the problem.”Mr Wainwright said social media sites like Facebook were being used as a tool to “interact and then enslave young vulnerable women”.

Every online scam begins more or less the same—a random e-mail, a sketchy attachment.

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